Chunks - Nature (400g)

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  • 100% vegan
  • Free from any flavor enhancers
  • Free from artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Soy free
  • Gluten free

Yummy! The delicious "Chunks Nature" from Creativeaty are a real treat for all those who appreciate the natural taste.

The Chunks Natur can be seasoned or marinated as desired and thus serve as the basis for a variety of dishes: on a salad or in a bowl, in a wrap or sandwich or with side dishes such as rice, pasta and vegetables as a full-fledged main course.

And the greatest thing about it? As with all other Creativeaty products, "Chunks Nature" contain no artificial flavors, flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Water, pea protein (30%), pea fiber, canola oil

Fry product with a little oil at high heat. Serve directly from the pan.
Optional: Pour on cream or plant based milk (e.g. for cream sauce)

Unopened at max. 4 °C in the refrigerator. Once opened, consume within 2 days.