About us

We create high-quality plant-based foods that people are excited about and can enjoy with a clear conscience.

Why did we start the company?

Positive change starts with real actions instead of only talking about it:

Challenging the Status Quo
We believe that healthy plant-based diets, great taste, sustainable food production and animal welfare are not contradictory, but compatible. That's why we're at the forefront of driving change that will have a critical impact on our health, culture and environment.

Appreciation for food
Therefore, we've made it our mission to create high-quality plant-based products that people can be passionate about and enjoy with a clear conscience.

Creating innovation together
That's why we're creating transparency about what healthy and sustainable food is really all about. We are looking for people who share our values and vision to revolutionize tomorrow's nutrition together.

How do we do that?

We bring delicious and healthy plant-based products to your plate. We are young, dynamic and unconventional. This is also reflected in our products.

Best ingredients
We use only the highest quality ingredients from Europe and completely avoid flavor enhancers and preservatives.

Rich nutrient portfolio
Our products do not only provide you with simple protein, but a comprehensive nutrient profile of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Sustainable production
We protect the environment through our own production in Bavaria and avoid unnecessary emissions thanks to short transport distances.

Founder Team

Michael and Truong met while studying for their master's degree in Berlin and shared a common passion from the very beginning: good and healthy food.

Michael comes from a family of butchers with a long tradition and has become more and more dedicated to the topic of sustainability over time. As a foodie with an eye on conscious nutrition as well as regional cuisine, Michael always pursued the question of how butchers can serve the trend of consciously avoiding meat in the future. This was the start of Creativeaty.

Truong went to Berlin for his studies and was immediately attracted by the infectious vegan community there. The idea of combining healthy plant-based nutrition with good taste, sustainable production and natural ingredients excited him from the start. That's why he joined Michael to revolutionize vegan meat substitutes.

For Michael and Truong, in addition to healthy, vegan products, the associated joy of preparing and eating them is important. And because they literally live their beliefs, the name for the company was born: Creativeaty.

Our Team

Michael Walk


Truong Nguyen


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